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21st Century Learning

We believe that 21st-century learning paradigm embodies an approach to teaching that marries content to skill. Students master content while producing, synthesizing, evaluating and understanding information from a wide variety of subjects and sources. We believe in teaching certain core to help students thrive in today's world.


An Academic Advisory Board comprising eminent educationists, bureaucrats and sportspersons is being constituted to guide and monitor excellence in education.


A dynamic and well rounded assessment system based on latest guidelines of CBSE and Advisory Board to assess students for academics, co-scholastics and personality traits. 


Project & Inquiry based learning for developing life skills to empower child to handle real life challenges.

Well researched scientific curriculum based on best practices of renowned educationists and scholars with emphasis on academic rigor and experiential learning throughout. Providing state of the art support for the Curriculum through latest technologies - digital classrooms, e-learning and virtual reality.


Big Bang Institute is an environment that is bustling with activity, full of excitement and overflowing with life. Students build friendships, learn responsibility and work hard in a safe, secure environment.  Whether we are competing or learning, we are doing so in a unique way to create an education that defines a lifetime.  At Big Bang, our students experience many fun and exciting events that involve the entire school.  We believe in the importance of the entire student body being involved together.

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